Welcome to Iowa Department of Labor

Welcome to the Iowa Division of Labor

Rod A. Roberts
Labor Commissioner

The Iowa Division of Labor protects the safety, health and economic security of Iowans. Our programs protect people who ride on elevators, escalators and amusement rides. We protect the people who are in a building with a boiler or a pressure vessel, or an asbestos abatement project. We protect employees from dangers in the workplace and protect the right of an employee to be paid.  We protect Iowa's children from dangers in workplaces, and limit their hours of work so they can focus on education.


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Workers' Memorial Day Ceremony
Monday, April 29th;11:00 a.m.
State Capitol, West Terrace

The Unions of the AFL-CIO set aside a day each year as Workers' Memorial Day. This is a day to honor and remember Iowans who in the past year have died in Iowa’s workplaces and serving in our Military. This is also a day to reflect on the lives that were lost and to renew our commitment to safe and healthy workplaces for all of Iowans.




Iowa's Boiler and Pressure Vessel Board has a vacancy for representative of boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers.  The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Board meets at least quarterly in Des Moines. 

To apply for a board appointment visit https://openup.iowa.gov/register/.

Questions can be answered by calling Jim Borwey at 515-725-5607.

Elevator/Amusement Ride Inspector

Only applicants who meet the Minimum Qualification Requirements and Selective Requirements (listed below) will be placed on the eligible list.

Upon a disaster emergency proclamation issued by the Governor, provisions exist in Iowa rules for expediting emergency response activities relating to asbestos removal.  This includes modified provisions for ten-day notices and worker licensing.  Ten-day notices may be filed no later than the working day following the initiation of the project.  Additionally, there is an allowance for workers licensed in other states to perform asbestos work in Iowa without holding an Iowa license.  To learn more about these provisions and their requirements please see