Welcome to Iowa Department of Labor

Welcome to the Iowa Division of Labor

Michael A. Mauro
Labor Commissioner

The Iowa Division of Labor protects the safety, health and economic security of Iowans. Our programs protect people who ride on elevators, escalators and amusement rides. We protect the people who are in a building with a boiler or a pressure vessel, or an asbestos abatement project. We protect employees from dangers in the workplace and protect the right of an employee to be paid.  We protect Iowa's children from dangers in workplaces, and limit their hours of work so they can focus on education.


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Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2017

I.    Call to order

Chairperson Kris Kesterson called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. The meeting was held in the State Board Conference Room at 1000 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa.

II.    Roll call

Members present:    Kris Kesterson, Chairperson
Peggy VandenBerg (via conference call) Justin Carleton, Kathleen Uehling, Kerry Dixon, Wayne Sims, Marvin Schumacher and Amy lnfelt (via conference call)
Members absent:    Todd Christensen

The job of creating a combined application process for contractors that are covered by Iowa Code Chapters 91C and 105 has resulted in some processing delays.  As a result, some plumbing and mechanical systems contractors with a contractor registration expiration date of June 30, 2017, have properly submitted applications but are unable to obtain a current number and license certificate at this time.  We understand this could affect individuals trying to pull a permit or bid on a job.  Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board contractors who have a license expiration date of June 30, 2017, have


Performs technical work in the inspection of elevators, amusement rides, escalators, moving walks, lifts, dumbwaiters and related equipment to insure compliance with state safety laws and regulations; performs related work as required.