Steps in the Wage Claims Process

  1. Open and review the Claim for Wages form in Spanish or English, either type in the required information or print the form and legibly fill out.  You may attach other documents including pay stubs, time sheets, or more explanation of why or how you were underpaid.
  2. Sign the Claim for Wages form and return to the Iowa Division of Labor.
  3. The Iowa Division of Labor will review your wage claim and assign a docket number.
  4. The Iowa Division of Labor will send a letter to the employer with your name, the reason for your claim, and the amount you claimed, along with an Employer’s Wage Claim Response Form.
  5. You may be asked to complete a time sheet form or provide more information.
  6. There may be additional requests for information from either you or the employer.
  7. The Iowa Division of Labor will decide if your claim is enforceable.  If it is, we will take steps to collect your wages, including a lawsuit if needed. Otherwise, the Division of Labor will notify you that your file is being closed.

Contact the Wage Staff with questions you may have.