Job Posting - Sr. Industrial Hygienist with OSHA Enforcement

We are currently looking for a Sr. Industrial Hygienist to join our team!

Iowa OSHA is hiring!  Check out our current opening for a Sr. Industrial Hygienist where you will be responsible for enforcing the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Act, and ensure that assigned inspections are conducted in a thoroughly professional manner.

Job Description

  • Determines the scope of the survey and relevant technical information available for a particular industry.
  • Determines the scope of the survey and relevant technical information available for a particular industry.
  • Performs any research required in order to adequately complete the inspection.
  • Determines, if a large-scale inspection, if it is necessary to request and direct assistance of other inspectors
  • Reviews previous inspection case files, applicable codes, standards, 
  • and available technical information concerning processes within the workplace.
  • Prepares and calibrates all necessary equipment in accordance with the Technical Manual or the equipment manuals prior to equipment use.
Conducts inspections in a professional manner as assigned and in accordance with CH 88 and CH 88B: Determines the minimum required personal protective equipment required to safely complete the inspection and makes sure that it is available and functioning properly. Determines if site is safe for entry and if proper decontamination is available for areas where the PEL is exceeded.
Conducts walk-around and conducts screening sampling in accordance with the FOM, Technical Manual and equipment manual. -Determines if full-shift sampling is warranted. Samples in a precise and accurate manner, ensuring that no errors are incurred. -Completes all sampling sheets (paper and computer) in accordance with directions set forth in the technical and computer manuals.

Collects, handles and ships all samples using approved analytical methods of the accredited laboratory where the samples will be analyzed. Uses professional judgement when sampling including selecting analyses and deciding what sampling is adequate.
Conducts interviews, takes photographs and collects information to support citations. 
Conducts a closing conference with the employer and employee representative in order to discuss the closing conference check list and apparent violations observed. In those instances where samples need laboratory analysis, holds another closing conference after the results have been received. Describes each alleged violation and establishes abatement dates for each violation.
Prepares paperwork so that a complete and orderly case file for each survey conducted can be submitted, including both paper and computer forms: 
  • Prepares a worksheet for each alleged violation, regardless of classification of hazard.
  • Completes all worksheets fully and accurately in accordance with the FOM and OIS manuals.

Essential Skills:

  • Conducts technical, complex, environmental inspections to determine compliance with applicable statutes, rules and standards.
  • Reviews facility plans and previous inspection reports, observes facilities in operation, collects data and samples, and performs analytical analysis.
  • Conducts inspections in industrial, construction and other hazardous work environments to ascertain employee exposure to chemical, physical, radiological, and biological health hazards.
  • Prepares highly technical reports outlining results of inspections.
  • Drafts citations for specific violations of safety and health regulations and, where necessary, invokes measures necessary to correct hazards. investigates accidents (including emergency chemical spills) and other sources of work related hazards. Operates and calibrates sound level meters, audio dosimeters, air sampling pumps, combustible gas indicators, and other testing and sampling equipment to measure environmental conditions and to ascertain that sites are free of health hazards.
  • Responds to written or telephone requests from a wide variety of public and private entities or individuals for information or technical assistance on a variety of environmental issues; assists with problem resolution or answering questions encountered to interpret, clarify, or review statutes, rules, policy, etc.
  • Makes presentations to various public and/or professional groups on a variety of environmental topics to relay current information on various programs or techniques and/or explain departmental rules, statutes, policies, etc
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Interacting effectively with a wide variety of individuals from different ethnic, social, economic, cultural, or educational backgrounds.
  • Reading, interpreting, and applying a variety of technical materials, rules, and regulations
  • Demonstrated computer skills to acquire, organize, analyze, communicate, and present information.
  • Performs effectively under stress associated with normal or emergency, critical, unusual or sustained heavy workloads.
  • Ability to interact with other agency staff; employers; state, federal, county, or municipal officials, and the public to obtain and provide information Works and communicates with all clients and customers providing quality professional service.
  • Displays a high level of initiative, effort, attention to detail and commitment by completing assignments efficiently with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent writing skills, organizational skills, and time management with ability to manage multiple priorities that may conflict with each other.
  • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely both orally and in writing, to inform, interpret or persuade others
  • Demonstrates high standards of ethical conduct.  Refrains from dishonest behavior.
  • Must have demonstrated expertise in working with computers, specific programs and other services provided at the Workforce Center.
No applicant for employment with the Iowa Department of Workforce Development can have a current, ongoing overpayment balance with Iowa Workforce Development without a payment plan in place. Select positions will be subject to a criminal background check.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in industrial hygiene, chemical, civil, or mechanical engineering, environmental health, occupational safety, chemistry, physics, or a biological science;


employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes the equivalent of three years of full-time work as a Field Safety Technician and thirty semester hours of college coursework which included chemistry (organic and inorganic), biology and physics; or one year of full-time work as a Safety and Health Consultant and twelve semester hours of college coursework which included chemistry (organic and inorganic) and physics shall be considered as qualified.

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This job posting closes on 6/4/2023 at 11:59 PM Central.


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