Iowa Child Labor Permit Instructions

Preparing Minor for Employment

A minor is generally considered to be the ages of 14 or 15 years old and can positively contribute to the workforce. In order to ensure a minor is properly set up for work, the steps below need to be fulfilled before he or she begins employment:

  1. Work is available and a job is offered by the employer.
  2. Print the Iowa Child Labor Permit.
  3. Minor and parent complete the required sections of the work permit.
  4. Minor takes work permit and proof of age to the employer.

Approved proof of age options include:

  • driver's instruction permit
  • certified birth certificate
  • certified baptismal record showing date and place of birth and place of minor's baptism
  • federal identification such as a passport, visa or "green card"
  • physician's certification of minor’s age sample available on the Division of Labor website

The following are not approved proof of age options:

  • social security card
  • parent statement
  • I-9 form

Employers Requirements and Responsibilities when Hiring a Minor

An employer who has selected to hire a minor for employment is responsible for performing and complying with the following requirements: 

  • complete the employer's information and employer representative's information sections of the work permit form
  • retain the original permit with copy of the proof of age (indicate on the form which proof of age the employer examined)
  • review the Iowa Child Labor Law sheet (which is provided on page 3 of the work permit form) and comply with all the duties and hours requirements
  • review the Iowa Child Labor Permit to ensure all information has been completed and the minor and parent have signed the permit
  • indicate which proof of minor's age has been given and make a copy for your records - do not send a copy of proof of age with the completed permit
  • within 3 days of minor starting work, the employer must submit a copy of the Iowa Child Labor Permit form to the Iowa Division of Labor – Child Labor

Submitting the Application for Work Permit form

  • Email: (an auto reply will be received by sender as acknowledgment)
  • Fax: 515-725-7957 (retain the transmittal receipt as proof of submission)
  • Mail: Iowa Division of Labor - Child Labor, 1000 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA  50319-0209 (an email will be sent confirming receipt)

Any form submitted incomplete, inaccurate or illegible will be deemed invalid.

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