Elevator Safety Board Signed Meeting Minutes February 26, 2019


Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2019

I.      Call to order

Chairperson Kris Kesterson called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. in the conference room at 150 Des Moines Street, Des Moines, Iowa.

II.      Roll call

Members present:  Kris Kesterson, Wayne Sims, Kerry Dixon, Kathleen Uehling, Craig Clabaugh, Marvin Schumacher, Justin Carleton

Members absent: Amy Infelt and Peggy VandenBerg

Ms. Caroline Barrett, Assistant Attorney General 2, also attended.

III.      Approval of agenda

Mr. Schumacher moved to approve the agenda and Ms. Dixon seconded the motion. The Board approved it unanimously.

IV.        Approval of minutes from January 18, 2019

Mr. Sims moved to approve the January 18, 2019 minutes. Mr. Schumacher seconded the motion and the board approved it unanimously.

V.         Items for Action

  1. Petition for variance concerning fire clip retainers at 111 City Lofts, Des Moines (E2019-004).

Mr. Kevin White, Board Member for the Homeowner’s Association at 111 City Lofts, spoke to the board about this variance request. A renovation of 65 units was completed in 2007. It was recently discovered that an elevator was installed with no fire clips.  Mr. White expressed to the board that he wanted the elevator to be safe.  He questioned the board as to why the fire clips are necessary.  Mr. Jim Borwey stated that the fire clips are required for the door to have a UL rating.  Mr. White stated that the cost of the clips is $9,500.

Mr. Carleton moved to deny the variance.  Ms. Dixon seconded and the board unanimously agreed.

  1. Petition for variance concerning gate height for freight elevator at 2728 Sixth Avenue, Des Moines  (E2019-005).

Mr. Neal Banks, PDM Company, spoke to the board regarding the gate height of the freight elevator.  The height is 66 inches and the code minimum is 72 inches.  Mr. Banks stated that the installation of a new gate is not feasible.

Ms. Dixon moved to approve the variance with the following conditions: 1) Paint the bottom of the gate highly-visible yellow 2) Add a sign reading “Caution Low Height When Open”. Ms. Uehling seconded the motion and the board approved unanimously.

  1. Petition for variance concerning ceiling height in machine room at St. Luke’s Medical Center Sioux City (E2019-006).

Mr. Clabaugh recused himself from the meeting.

Mr. Jim Pokorney, Territory Manager for Otis Elevator, spoke to the board regarding this variance via conference call.

Mr. Pokorney noted that the board has granted a previous variance to another unit with the same issue of overhead clearance.

Ms. Dixon moved to grant the variance with the following conditions: 1) “Caution Low Overhead” must be posted on the machine room door using letters of contrasting color that are at least one inch high.  2) Lights in the machine room will be mounted on the side walls.

Mr. Schumacher seconded the motion and the board unanimously agreed.

Mr. Clabaugh rejoined the meeting.

  1. Petition for variance concerning weight limit for elevator at Tip Top Tux in Sioux City (E2019-007).

Ms. Brenda Thoma-Hay, Vice-President of Operations, Tip Top Tux, spoke regarding this request.  Since 1998 safety tests have been performed on this elevator using 2700 pounds of weight. 

When the test was performed in 2018 the owner was told 4000 pounds must be used, and the elevator failed.  Mr. Borwey stated that based on the size of the car, the elevator should be able to pass the test with 7500 pounds of weight.  The ASME A17.3 upgrades will likely impact this unit as well. 

The board agreed that the unit cannot be accepted at 2700 pounds with the existing cab size. Mr. Sims moved to table the variance to allow the owner time to review the A17.3 changes; request additional information from the manufacturer, Thyssen-Krupp; and, amend the variance if necessary. Mr. Schumacher seconded and the board approved unanimously.

  1. Rule changes concerning A17.3 alteration permits

Ms. Dixon moved to approve the rule changes and Mr. Clabaugh seconded.  The board unanimously agreed.

VI.        Division of Labor Report

Mr. Jim Borwey, Elevator Division Manager, introduced the new clerical staff person, Kathy Johnson, to the board.  Mr. Borwey noted that Tisha Scovell will also be joining the elevator clerical staff on March 8.  In addition, Mr. Borwey announced two hires for new inspectors that are currently pending. This would put the elevator division at full staff.

Labor Commissioner Michael Mauro spoke about his upcoming retirement.  He stated he enjoyed his time with the Division of Labor and thanked the board for their work.  The new Commissioner, Rod Roberts, will arrive tomorrow.  Commissioner Mauro will stay on site to assist with the transition.

VII.      ​​​​​​​Communications


VIII.      Next meeting dates

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. 150 Des Moines Street
  • Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. 150 Des Moines Street

IX.        Next meeting agenda

Tabled Tip Top Tux variance (E2019-007)

X.         Public comments 

Mr. Gary Briggs requested a copy of the rule regarding the permit cost.  He was given a copy and Ms. Uehling added that the publication date will be March 27.

XI.        Adjournment

Mr. Sims moved to adjourn the meeting. The board approved.  The meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Ms. Kerry Dixon, Secretary

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