Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Board Minutes 12-15-16


Meeting Minutes

December 15, 2016

I.  Call to Order

Chairperson Lynne Rush called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. in the Capitol View Conference Room at 1000 East Grand Ave, Des Moines, Iowa. 

II.  Roll Call

Members Present:      Lynne Rush, Chairperson, Kathleen Uehling, Amy Iles (via phone), Tim Fehr (via phone), Frank Ballantini, Bob Brecke (via phone)

Members Absent:       Susan Oltgrogge and Thomas Dye

Ms. Uehling was appointed Secretary Pro-tem.

III.  Approval of Agenda

Ms. Iles moved to approve the draft agenda.   Mr. Fehr seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.    

IV.  Approval of Minutes

Ms. Uehling moved to approve the minutes of the September 29, 2016 meeting.   Ms. Iles seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

V.   Report from Subcommittee on Appurtenances

Ms. Rush reported that the committee met once and hopes to meet again before next regular Board meeting.

VI.  Public Comment  - none          

VII.  Division of Labor Report

The Division of Labor reported the Chief Boiler Inspector position is vacant.  An announcement to fill the vacancy was posted today. 

All of the Division of Labor’s phone numbers have changed. 

Mr. Mauro mentioned that is difficult to fill vacancies due to the State’s pay grade.  The Elevator Safety Board has a subcommittee on inspector’s pay.   Ms. Rush, Mr. Brecke, Mr. Ballentini, Ms. Uehling, and Mr. Borwey agreed to be on a sub-committee to look at boiler inspector pay.   Mr. Mauro thanked the board for their service and wished everyone happy holidays.

VIII.  Communications -  Ms. Rush received a question  from a contractor about the timing of the initial inspection.  A new boiler is not to run prior to passing inspection, but the inspection must occur while the boiler is running.  She will get more details from the contractor.  She would like this on the agenda for the next meeting.

IX.  Next Meeting – Thursday, January 26, 2017  10:00 AM – 150 Des Moines St

X.  Agenda Items for Next Meeting -

Report from sub-committee on appurtenances

Report from sub-committee on inspector’s pay

Timing of inspections and operation

Rules review

XI.  Adjournment

Ms. Uehling moved to adjourn; Ms. Iles seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.  Board adjourned at 10:14 AM.

Respectfully submitted


Kathleen Uehling, Secretary Pro-tem

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